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Coke Santa On Cooler

Item Number: 102505
What does Santa do to relax and unwind? He grabs an ice cold, refreshing Coca-Cola of course! If you're a Coke collector or just a big fan of Santa, then this table piece is for you! It features Santa sitting on an open Coca-Cola cooler while dressed in a white shirt and red pants with red suspenders. He also has on his red and white hat, black belt with a gold buckle and brown boots with gold buckles. He is holding a glass bottle of Coke, ready to cool down! The cooler itself is filled with ice and several bottles of Coca-Cola, ready for more tasty refreshment!
Dimensions: 10.5"
Composition: Fabric Mache, PVC, & Polyester
UPC: 086131509414
Vendor: Kurt Adler
Vendor ID: CC5191

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