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Bottle of O' Christmas Tree Scentsicles

Item Number: 431283
Do you have an artificial Christmas tree but still want the smell of a real one? Well then you need a Bottle of Christmas Tree Scentsicles! These scented icicles smell just like a fresh cut tree and will help you enjoy your favorite scents of the holidays all season long! Each bottle includes 6 ornaments with hooks, a great start to make your tree smell just as good as one fresh off the lot!

  • Smells like a freshly cut Balsam fir Christmas tree, juniper berries, pine, and warm cedar wood. Also features the scent of a fresh clementine
  • Contains 6 ornaments and hooks
  • Can also be used to decorate wreaths, swags, garland, and more
  • We recommend 6 ScentSicles for trees and 2-4 for wreaths, swags, garlands, and other d├ęcor
  • Scent will last for up to 30 days
  • Made from all-natural, biodegradable, recyclable paper and infused fragrances
Dimensions: 1.5"
Composition: Plastic
UPC: 846396016313
Vendor: Gerson
Vendor ID: 2453870

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